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Participation of the International Seminar on Sustainable Development of Dam and Basin

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The international Symposium on Sustainable Development of Dams and River Basins was held in New Deli, India recently and 40 some relevant professionals from POWERCHINA Chengdu Engineering Corporation Limited (POWERCHINA Chengdu hereinafter) participated the event via video conference.

The symposium focused on topics in technology innovations, sustainable development, impacts due to extreme conditions, dam safety, risk assessment, management and renovation methods, etc., discussed progresses in modern methodologies that can benefit the sustainable developments during dam investigation and design, river basin improvement and management, and weather changes that can affect the progresses in sustainable development of dam and hydropower including pump storage, dam safety, risk assessments and management. The research team of POWERCHINA Chengdu on the long term safe and steady operation of ultrahigh arch dams along with adjacent banks presented a report titled the analysis on the long term deformation of the slope at Jinpin I hydropower plant (HPP) and its impacts on the arch dam when they briefly reviewed Chinese achievements in super high arch dams, the “five highs with one deep” geological condition at Jinpin I HPP and the technical challenges thereof, as well as the current status of its safe operation, particularly introduced the concept of the overall safety of arch dams against hydraulic loads on their dam-foundation system that is well known in the industry,  and made the entire lifecycle safety assessment of the arch dam based on analysis of the extreme load capacity at the left bank during long term deformation caused by the arch dam. 

The symposium was the 88th annual conference of International Institute of Dams, and the next one will be held in Chengdu in 2024 when POWERCHINA Chengdu will serve as the host, and international colleagues were warmly invited to visit Chengdu, tour POWERCHINA Chengdu, inspect world class engineering projects who have earned the FEDIC Outstanding Engineering Awards, such as Jinpin I HPP, and discuss together the advancement of world green energies so as to provide global development with clean energies.

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