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North Zone Project at General Transit Center in Chengdu Tianfu International Airport achieved acceptance

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Ensuring quality and safety under the supervision of POWERCHINA Chengdu Engineering Corporation Ltd. (POWERCHINA Chengdu hereinafter), the project in the North Zone of General Transit Center (GTC) at Chengdu International Airport passed acceptances smoothly after it finished construction, fire safety, and professional inspection recently.

The project requirement of Chengdu International Airport is very stringent on every construction parameter as it is a major project of Sichuan Province. Under leadership of the Director, the Supervision Department assisted project owner by facilitating the overall schedule in advance, preparing construction crews and materials as well as technical groundwork beforehand, and coordinating external public relations smoothly, correcting any deviation promptly, and improving quality throughout the project execution. After three years relentless efforts when the Supervision Department strictly adhered to the design standards and specifications of the project, fairly and impartially supervised the execution, controlled the quality and followed the requirements of construction schedule during the entire construction period, the project was finished with ensured quality and quantity, and successfully passed completion acceptances by Chengdu Quality Supervision Authority on March 30, 2021, joint fire safety inspection by Chengdu Municipal Development Bureau, Southwest Civil Aviation Security Bureau, Chengdu Local Fire Safety Dispatch Unit on April 23, 2021, and Professional Inspection on May 20, 2021.   

The entire crew at the Supervision Department will keep on good efforts, genuinely review the experience accumulated during the project execution, including all aspects in and beyond the professional supervision, characteristics of the aviation engineering, and modes of cooperation, etc., draw close attention to collecting receivables and remaining fees, resolving ongoing contract issues, and continuing quality improvement, so as to strive to earn another prestigious Luban prize for POWERCHINA Chengdu.     


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