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Mr. Huang and Mr. Hao met with Mr. Xu of Hohai University

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Mr. He Huang, the Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board, and Mr. Yuanlin Hao, the Deputy Party Secretary,President and CEO of POWERCHINA Chengdu Engineering Corporation, Ltd. (POWERCHINA Chengdu hereinafter) recently met with Mr. Hui Xu, the Deputy Party Secretary and President of Hohai University, and his retinues. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Yanfeng He, the Vice President, and accompanied by Mr. Renkun Wang, the National Grand Master of Investigation and Design, and Mr. Jiansheng Wang, the Chief Assistant and Chief Attorney of POWERCHINA Chengdu. Both sides recollected the history of collaboration and friendship in the past, discussed many issues in-depth on talent nourishment, enterprise-university cooperation, and major projects, etc.

Mr. Huang cordially welcomed the visit of Mr. Xu and his entourages, gratefully appreciated the longtime contribution of outstanding graduates to POWERCHINA Chengdu, and reviewed briefly the general status, human resources, technical system, business activities, reform and development at POWERCHINA Chengdu. He pointed out that the core of corporate development resides on talent and technology; therefore there is a huge space for cooperation between the two parties. He expected both parties to work together to adjust for changes in business operations, marketing scenarios, and new demands of professionals, focusing on humanistic sentiments and 3 dimensional  technology, and he was looking forward to the supports from Hohai University, the so called Huangppu Institute in Hydropower Industry, to produce more versatile talents and supply technologies sustainably and comprehensively. 

Mr. Xu appreciated POWERCHINA Chengdu on the longtime care and supports, introduced current general status of Hohai University, and expressed a great desire for collaboration. He said that Hohai University will take full advantages of its own to fortify academic disciplines and multidisciplinary interactions so as to ensure the supply of talents to support the development of industry, and he hoped that both parties shall maintain close ties, strength each other’s complementary advantages, and promote together high quality development. 

Both parties also traded views on the development of water resources, water transfer across basins or regions, and oceanic issues, etc. Mr. He led the discussion on specific aspects, businesses, and sectors to boost the collaboration.  

Relevant leaders and experts from the Schools of Agriculture, Oceanography, Civil Engineering, Hydropower, Materials, and Business at Hohai University, and that from Head Quarter Office, Departments of Planning, Markerting, and Development, Investigation and Design Management, Technical Information and Archives, Corporations of Design and Investigation, Investment and Operation, and Grand Cannel of POWERCHINA Chengdu participated the meeting along with alumni of Hohai University.


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