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The Company Won the Bid for the Largest Digital Twin Water Conservancy Project in China

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Recently, the company won the bid for the digital twin Xiaolangdi Water Conservancy Project in the form of joint venture. This project is the digital twin water conservancy project with the largest investment in China, and is the top one pilot project in the digital twin project of the Ministry of Water Resources, which means the company has made another breakthrough in the smart water conservancy market.

The Xiaolangdi Water Control Project is a large-scale comprehensive water conservancy project on the main stream of the Yellow River, integrating silt reduction, flood control, water supply and irrigation and power generation. It is a key project for the management of the Yellow River. In order to further increase the project management level, ensure the safe and stable operation of the project, improve the project efficiency and prolong the project life, the digital twin technology is used to achieve refined project management, accurate trend forecasting, and scientific decision-making. Based on the Xiaolangdi technical solution, the first digital twin water conservancy project construction technical guidelines have been formed in the industry .

With its leading brand influence and deep technical accumulation in the fields of smart water conservancy and smart engineering, the company carefully plans the project, carried out in-depth research and technical research, and will follow the standards of digital twin watershed, standardizes the requirements of digital twin engineering, and data fusion and sharing,promotes the construction of the digital twin Xiaolangdi, realizes the simultaneous simulation operation of digital engineering and physical engineering, and improves the safety, efficiency and stable operation level of the project. In the next project performance, it will provide high-quality services, play a leading role in the industry, set up a digital twin benchmark with first-class projects, and help promoting the construction of smart water conservancy across the country.

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