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The Company Won the Bid for the Key Project Design of "14th five-year plan" informationized water conservancy in Tibet Autonomous Region

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Recently, the company won the bid for the key project design of water conservancy informatization in the "14th five-year plan" of Tibet Autonomous Region. The winning bid of this project fully reflects the recognition of the company's design ability in the field of wisdom water conservancy in the Water Resources Department of Tibet Autonomous Region. It has effectively enhanced the design influence of the company in the fields of smart water conservancy, digital twins, and it also has strengthened the company's subsequent cooperation relationship with the Water Conservancy Department of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

This project is the related construction requirements of the Ministry of Water Conservancy on the construction of wisdom water conservancy, and it is based on the design of its own water conservancy development demands. The main content of project includes water conservancy basic support design, digital twin platform design, water conservancy intelligent business application design and water conservancy network security design. The project construction is a key support to realize the safety of the country's "14th Five -Year Plan", and it is an important measure to vigorously promote the construction of wisdom water conservancy. It is an important step in terms of establishing a water conservancy system and modernization of governance capabilities in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

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