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The Tunnel of Jinping I Hydropower Station designed by the company on the field of transportation under construction is fully connected

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Recently, the Dabenliugou bypassing tunnel of Jinping I Hydropower Station designed by the company, is safely connected on the field of Camp 1 to the roadside slope geological disaster rectification project along the road factories.

It shows the entire line of traffic on the construction of the Jinping I Hydropower Station is fully connected.

Jinping I Hydropower Station Camp 1 to the Dam Factory Plaster Sideline Geological Disaster Remediation Project has adopted the second -level highway standard in factories and mines. The design speed is 30 km/h, and the project has a total of 2202.971 meters/2 each. The total length of Dabenliugou bypassing tunnel is 1538.971 meters, and the single hole and dual lanes are used to enter the hole in the import and export and the branches. There are four working planes in a total of four working surfaces to dig into the drill explosion method and construction at the same time. Since the project started, the company has long been stationed in professional and technical personnel to provide on -site service agency services, continued to record, analyze and optimize the tunnel construction process, and ensured that the support structure should be adapted to the actual situation of the surrounding rock through dynamic design, and achieves a safer and economic effect.

The full connection of entire tunnel line under construction has created favorable conditions for the achievement of traffic targets in main flood season of this year, and establishes a solid foundation for the entire project throughout the year. After the project is completed, it will replace the Open Line Road to become the main traffic from Camp 1 to the dam plant. By providing safe transportation protection for the long -term operation of Jinping's first -level hydropower station, it could effectively reduce the safety risk of inlet and exit traffic, and completely change the current situation of the bright line roads due to the rainy season and geological disasters cannot be normal situation any longer.

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