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The Company Won the Bid for the EPC Project of Changdu Jiangdasuori 30 MW Husbandry-Solar Complementary Photovoltaic Power Station

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Recently, the Company won the bid for Huaneng Changdu Jiangdasuo ri 30 MW Husbandry-Solar complementary (including energy storage) composite guaranteed supply photovoltaic power plant EPC project.

The project is located in Qingnidong Town, Jiangda County, Changdu City, with a planned installed capacity of 30 MW, and is planned that full capacity will be connected to the grid for power generation on November 10, 2022. The project is invested by Huaneng Group and contracted(EPC) by the Company. The company is mainly responsible for handling project filing procedures, reviewing special reports and completing relevant certification documents, project survey and design, procurement, installation, construction, project management, commissioning, project trial operation, and up to standard production, etc.

After the project is put into operation, the annual power generation will be 5129.74 kWh, and the average annual equivalent utilization hours of the system will be 1577.40 hours, which will effectively relieve the pressure on local energy supply. At the same time, the project adopts the " Husbandry-Solar Complementary " mode. It will save 15500 tons of standard coal and reduce 37626.43 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year after completion, which is conducive to improving the local ecological environment, and achieving the coordinated development of economy and environment.

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