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POWERCHINA Chengdu Won the Bid for the Dadu River Basin Expansion Machine comprehensive system planning and Research Service Project

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Recently, Guoneng Dadu River Co., LTD. issued a public tender for the comprehensive system planning and research service project of Dadu River Basin expander. A consortium of POWERCHINA Chendgu participated in the tender and won the bid in the end. This is the second large-scale basin expander planning and research project undertaken following the completion of the cascade expander planning project of the middle and lower reaches of Yalong River, which will provide a new way for the company to expand the layout of basin hydropower development

       Under the "dual carbon" goal, the establishment of a high proportion of renewable energy power system is an important means. At present, the integrated development of renewable energy in river basins, which is dominated by water and scenery, is the only way for the high-quality development of renewable energy in the new era. Under the new situation, hydropower development requires that while providing electricity, it is necessary to provide more capacity for the power system as much as possible, undertake more system peak regulation and frequency regulation tasks, and provide guarantee and support for the consumption of new energy such as wind power and photovoltaics. Sichuan Province needs to build a new power system with a gradually increasing proportion of new energy, and it is necessary to build more flexible power sources. The use of conventional hydropower dams and reservoirs built in major river basins and appropriate expansion can better meet the capacity and peak shaving needs of the future power system.

       The main stream of the Dadu River is one of the important hydropower bases in China, with 28 levels of hydropower planning, with an installed capacity of 27 million kilowatts, and 20 are currently under construction, with a total installed capacity of 22.8 million kilowatts. The main stream of the Dadu River has many high dams and reservoirs, with good regulation performance, strong peak regulation capacity and relatively good construction conditions. After preliminary research, the expansion capacity potential of the Dadu River main stream cascade power station exceeds 12 million kilowatts.

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