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First Giant Municipal Infrastructure Project in New Eastern Chengdu Designed by POWERCHINA Chengdu Passed Acceptance

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Recently, the infrastructure project of highway 14 of a comprehensive corridor and a 3km2 road at the southern center of the New District in eastern Chengdu designed by POWERCHINA Chengdu Engineering Corporation, Ltd. (POWERCHINA Chengdu hereinafter) has been completed and accepted. This project took the design concept of integrating together all the roads and streets in the city by taking full advantages of value-oriented garden city planning to focus further on value augmentation and scenery makings that was guided by the spirit of building a garden city instructed by Mr. Jinping Xi, the General Secretary of Communist Party of China, during his inspection tour of Sichuan.

Understood deeply the core concept of garden city and adhered to the principle of people oriented ecological civilization, the design crew built a U type space that coordinated together the red lines, green lines, and space lines by the buildings so as to achieve the synchronization of living, working, and ecologic environment, and harmonization of nature, economy, society, and civilization. Along the way, the crew evolved its business mode of municipal development, from orientation of “production, city, people” to “people, city, production”, “building a garden in a city” to “building a city in a garden”, and “space construction” to “scenery creation”, and finally achieved a municipal garden scenery that had earned a reputation of “the most beautiful road to work and the happiest street back home.

In the future, the Sancha metro station along sides of highway 14 will be integrated into the Central Business District  (CBD) at the Southern center in the New District in eastern Chengdu, neighboring with Tianfu Olympic Sports Center and Jiangxi River Ecological Park, yet just two metro stations away from Tianfu International Airport, making highway 14 an important highway at the CBD that not only augments integration of the New District into the metropolis with vibrant living energy, but also enhances its functionality coordinating both arrival/departure and bypass traffics, therefore provides the regional economic entities and their future growth with strong supports.


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