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Energy and Electricity

POWERCHINA Chengdu has completed the investigation and validation of hydro resources at more than hundred medium to large basins in southwest China, covering 54.4% of the theoretic hydro reserves of the entire China; undertaken the development master plans of rivers Yalu Zangbo, Jinsha, Dadu, Yalong, Jialing, etc., and approximately 350 water conservancy and/or hydropower projects with a total installed capacity of  210 GW, meaning roughly 39% of all the projects that are capable of developing in China, the fact that makes POWERCHINA Chengdu as the leader in the industry; finished investigation, design, and construction of hydropower projects totaling of more than 70GW in installed capacity, including mega hydropower stations in the world like the Ertan hydropower station, the largest hydropower station in China during twentieth century, Xiluodu hydropower station, the third largest in installed capacity, Jinping I hydropower station, the tallest arch dam on earth, and other giant hydropower projects like Dagangshan, Changheba, Lianghekou, and shuangjiangkou, etc.; POWERCHINA Chengdu has been actively developing renewable projects, including the completion of the 13th five year development plans of renewable resources in Sichuan Province and Tibet Autonomous Region, successfully constructed dozens of renewable projects like the Phase I Wind Farm in Dechang, the very first model wind farm in Sichuan Province, and Wanjiashan Photovoltaic solar power station, the largest hilltop solar pv station in the world. 

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