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CCTV News Broadcast Reported on Jinyang River Bridge Project

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Recently, Jinyang River Bridge (Three Gorges Linking Bridge) Project, which was constructed and managed by the company's whole process was reported by CCTVs News Broadcast.

Jinyang River Three Gorges Linking Bridge has a total length of 757.7 meterswith the 196-meter No. 6 pier being the highest in the world of this type. The bridge is an important channel connecting the old and new towns of Jinyang County. It undertakes not only the functions of crossing river on the G356 line and improving regional traffic conditions, but also meeting the requirements of urban development and the escaping channel of people from land disasters in the old county. It shoulders the important responsibilities of local people's rural revitalization, economic development, escaping and refuge etc. As mentioned in the CCTV News Broadcast", it reported that “A bridge with a main pier as high as 196 meters has been established between the mountains and valleys in the Daliang Mountains, Sichuan. After opening the bridge in June this year, it only takes a few minutes for the villagers in the mountain to reach the opposite county town. This was inconceivable more than a decade ago.

As the hope bridge for the people of Jinyang County, all the construction personnel of the company are determined to complete the project construction with high quality, safety and efficiency. Since the project started at the end of 2017, and the main project has been fully completed by the end of 2021, only the bridge deck, railings and lighting and other auxiliary projects are left. The Jinyang County Party Committee and the County Government attached great importance to the inclusion of the Jinyang River Three Gorges Linking Bridge into one of the tourist cultural attractions in Jinyang County. In order to highlight the cultural characteristics of the Yi people, the railings and lighting projects have been modified and designed successively.

At present, the asphalt concrete paving of the bridge deck has started. The entire paving work will be completed within three days. At the same time, according to the project plan, the production of railings and lighting is being stepped up, and on-site installation will begin in late April. The project is expected to be completed in June, with ushering in the bridge's first opening to traffic.

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