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The Design of "Three Rivers and Six Banks" Ecological Management's phase I project Aerospace Park landscape Lighting in Xichang City Passed the Review

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Recently, the aerospace park landscape lighting special   design scheme designed by Powerchina Chengdu for the first phase of   "three rivers and six banks" ecological management project in   Xichang City, passed the local government review. Ma Hui, secretary of   Xichang Municipal Committee, Song Li, deputy secretary and mayor of Xichang   City, and other key leaders of Xichang City attended the review meeting.

At the meeting, the personal in charge of the relevant   projects of the company made a detailed report on the special design scheme   of the park’s  landscape lighting. Ma   Hui said: that the overall landscape lighting program is a good idea,   highlighting the deep and romantic mood of space exploration, and the   subsequent need to further highlight the magnificent momentum of the launch   of the rocket simulation of the soaring tower. As a key project for the 70th   anniversary of the founding of Liangshan Prefecture and an important   livelihood project for military and local support, the aerospace park is of   great significance. And he hope the project team will speed up the   construction of the project while ensuring the quality of the project.

Space park’s landscape lighting design by means of light   and shadow, highlighting Xichang’s military and local support, space   exploration, high-tech innovation, to create a set of space science and patriotic   education in one, a comprehensive immersive night tour space theme park with   scale, grade, content, story, in response to the "light Xichang"   city action, the development of Xichang’s night economy,  "space city" business card, become   a new tourist destination in Xichang.



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