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The Achievements of the Company Won the Scientific and Technological Progress of the 14th China Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering Special Prize

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Recently, the Chinese Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering announced the awards of various scientific and technological achievements of the 14th Chinese Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering. The scientific and technological achievements led by the company - Double Shield TBM tunnel safety and efficient construction key technology won the Society's Science and Technology Progress Award.

This time, China Rock Mechanics and Engineering has selected 60 Natural Science Awards, Technical Invention Awards and Science and Technology Progress Awards, including 8 special awards, 21 first prizes and 31 second prizes. The Company has been evaluated as "Double Shield TBM" by the Society the achievements of key technologies for safe and efficient construction of tunnels have high technical innovation, economic and social benefits, and the value of popularization and application of achievements. It conforms to the evaluation standards of "original innovative research achievements", "significant contribution to discipline development or national economic construction" and "generally at the international leading level" of the special prize of Science and Technology Award of the Society.

The achievement of "Key Technologies for Safe and Efficient Construction of Double Shield TBM Tunnel" relies on the double shield TBM tunnel projects of Paimo Highway, Duoxongla Tunnel, Ecuador CCS Water Conveying Tunnel, etc., to crack the double shield TBM. In order to solve the problem of geological information acquisition technology under the completely closed construction environment, the deformation load calculation method and the feedback calculation model of segment structure are established, and the double shield based on the content of schistose rock slag and the ratio of penetration and thrust is established. The early warning method of jamming is put forward, such as increasing reserved deformation, shortening shield length and other anti-jamming design methods, which overcome the construction jamming problem in the crushing surrounding rock and crushed zone.

The result is that the company is in TBM the major breakthrough in the field of survey and design has solved the international problems of information extraction, determination of deformation load of surrounding rock and jamming of machine during construction under the condition of double shield completely closed. Remarkable economic and social benefits have been achieved, and great international influence has been produced. At the same time, the research results will provide technical support for major national strategic projects such as Sichuan-Tibet Railway, and have broad application prospects.

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