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The Excavation of the First Air Cushion Surge Chamber in South America is Completed

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Recently, the first air cushion surge chamber project in South America - the air conditioning chamber of San Gavang I Hydropower Station in Peru was successfully excavated to the floor elevation, and another important node goal of the project was achieved, creating favorable conditions for the project to generate electricity on schedule.

The air-cushioned surge chamber is located on the left side of the headrace tunnel of the San GavangⅢ Hydropower Station, with a length of 92.4m and a span 13.8 m, height up to 18.5 m. The diversion line crosses several long and large faults, and the geological conditions near the air cushion surge chamber are complex. The design team has fully collected excavation geological data, carried out in-situ stress test, and scientifically and reasonably selected the layout position of the air cushion surge chamber on the basis of fully analyzing the tunnel formation and the stable operation of the cavern. During the excavation of surge chamber, the design personnel are stationed on the construction site and actively provide the design agent service. The excavation quality and progress of the air conditioning chamber are effectively guaranteed through reasonable setting of excavation procedures and fine determination of geological defect treatment.

San GavangⅢ Hydropower Station in Peru adopts low dam length diversion and centralized head for power generation. The diversion and power generation system is arranged in the mountain on the right bank, with rated head of 630.71m, installed with 2 impulse hydraulic generators, with total installed capacity of 209.3 MW. In April 2020, the Owner signed the service contract for design of air cushion surge chamber of San GavanyaⅢHydropower Station with the Company, which is the first successful practice of the Company to pry the high-end market in South America with the core technology of air cushion surge chamber survey and design package.


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